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10 Table Manners Tips for Kids

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iMOM 10 Table Manners for Kids

Isnít it sweet (and a relief!) when our children use good manners at family gatherings? In case your kids etiquette could use a little sprucing up, our friends at iMOM have come up with 10 Table Manners Your Kids Need to Know. Have a practice session at a kid-friendly meal, then finish it off with something sweet (other than the good manners!) from our new Dessert Plan.

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2 thoughts on “10 Table Manners Tips for Kids

  1. Kathy

    How about:
    No one starts to eat until everone is seated. ( AHEM: Mom needs to finish putting the food on the table and then join the group before they finish and run off)

    Nobody leaves the table until everybody’s finished eating ( That Mom thing again)

    No electronic devices at the table

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