20 Time-Saving Ingredients for Superfast Meals

Super Fast MealsStock your pantry with our top 20 off-the-shelf and out of the fridge foods that make these crazy-good meals ready in minutes. And check out Part One, with our staff’s favorite tips and tricks for speedy mealtime prep.

1. Rotisserie chicken tops our list. Its versatility from salads to soups and wraps is endless. One bird yields about 3 cups shredded or chopped meat. Insert 2 forks into the meat while it’s still warm and pull apart to shred.

2. Packaged and precut lettuce and lettuce blends

3. Cubed fresh butternut squash (look for frozen or in the produce section)

4. Fully cooked bacon comes in a 2.5-oz package

5. Steam-in-bag fresh vegetables and vegetable combinations. Some can be microwaved in the bag, saving prep and cleanup time

6. Salad kits complete with greens, dressing and toppings

7. Coleslaw mixes

8. Frozen pre-chopped onions

9. Precooked microwavable pouches of brown rice, basmati, and wild rice blends

10. Refrigerated prepared mashed potatoes

11. Refrigerated fresh pasta—cooks in 2 minutes!

12. Hummus—in traditional and a variety of flavors

13. Prepared guacamole

14. Frozen vegetables—from plain, vegetables medleys, and sauced vegetables to sweet potato fries

15. Chicken cutlets save on prep time—no pounding and quick cooking

16. Pre-shredded cheeses(if you already have a block of cheese, shred it and store it in the freezer). For all but very hard cheeses, grating is easiest if the cheese is well chilled.

17. Frozen fish fillets: tilapia, cod, flounder and salmon

18. Quick pizza crusts (packaged on the shelf or in the refrigerated case) as well as pita breads, flatbreads, and tortillas

19. Dry spices and spice blends such as lemon-pepper seasoning, Montreal steak seasoning, and Cajun seasoning

20. Pitas, flatbreads and tortillas have multiple uses, from dippers and sandwiches to pizzas

Got more we should know about you’d like to add to the list? Please let us know!

2 thoughts on “20 Time-Saving Ingredients for Superfast Meals

  1. Betty

    Just finding this blog so what I would like may be here but as yet I haven’t found them. I need recipes for one person. For years I cooked for groups, large. Now it ia me only. Most time it is discouraging not want to eat it for a week.

    1. Ashley Leath - Menu Editor

      Hi Betty,

      We do have some plans for two people, which you could easily cut in half to serve one (or have leftovers for lunch the next day). I hope this helps!

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