2011 in Review ~ Some of Our Facebook Faves

DeChelle Kelly
I’ve become a part time nanny. E-mealz saved my life from the “cooking stress” of another family. The family loves! what I am cooking and I personally wanted to say thank you for such a great service. God Bless!

Viki Hersh
Just wanted to thank the E-meals gnomes! I got a very fast response notification that I had the holiday plan added and was able to print it – without even having to send an email asking for it! Thanks for the fantastic customer service and meal plans – we are loving this! :)

Jaci Velasquez
You guys r the BEST!

Leanne Lerma
Wow! We had the Thanksgiving Holiday meal. Thank-you E-Mealz. My grandson thinks I am “the best cook ever”…and he’s just 5! We are eating the any store gluten free menu. I would reduce the sugar in the cranberry salad, but other than that.. the food was EXCELLENT! Plenty of leftovers too. I’ve never roasted a turkey without covering it in foil… love, love, loved the buttery sage crispy skin! I could go on, but I think I’m going to go get a little of that cherry chocolate chip cobbler!

Angel Burns Przybylski
I found myself kinda just wandering around the kitchen while dinner was cooking. Gotta figure out what to do with myself now that the craziness of dinner prep is gone! hahaha Thanks, Ladies!!

Erica Thurman Hollin
Oh my gosh!!! LOVE e-mealz. I’m so happy a friend of mine pointed me into this direction. The recipes provided are delicious!! We’ve been doing the low carb meals and the family has been eating so well. Most of all, I don’t have to make the grocery list and that helps out so much!!

Annette McAllister
It is amazing the interest that is generated when I am wandering through the grocery store with my totally organized E-Mealz shopping list. People actually stop and try to sneak a peek…

Patty Erdman I’ve been married for 25 years. I’ve been a member here for 3 months and I feel like I have learned more in cooking in 3 months than in 25 years. I’m having a blast! The recipes are easy and yes, sometimes I don’t know where some of the items are in the store, but it does get easier and it’s fun!

Jennifer Deason Wilson
I love when I see a recipe and I am not sure if the family will like it but then I make it and it is a huge hit. Thanks to you my family is trying all kinds of new things. :)

Vickie Lowe Nickel
Thank you – I was just looking over the webpage, I am IN LOVE with your site/service! I think I may have found my Christmas present to myself 😉

Amy Gulley Monk
Thanks for the delicious recipes! I love them and most of all my kids love them. I was in such a rut cooking the same old stuff, but now the kids are excited about dinner! Also being a single parent–I have been able to save so much money! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elisabeth Smith Ross
Ugh. Been sick the past week & haven’t been cooking dinners. Miss the yummy, home-cooked entrees I’ve gotten used to in the past month! Putting my hubby on cooking duty tonight – no takeout! I am pleasantly surprised that in just a few weeks I crave home-cooked food over takeout! Thank you!!

Tiffanie McGee
Last night I made the Chicken Noodle Soup from your Portion Control Menu! It was AWESOME!!! My girls LOVED it. Thanks for your wonderful service ♥

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One thought on “2011 in Review ~ Some of Our Facebook Faves

  1. Mary Baldwin

    I love e-mealz. I was tired of fixing the same things every week. I’m not sure if my favorite part are the new recipes or the organized shopping list. Thanks for all your hard work so I don’t have to work so hard!!

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