3 Healthy Snacks for Kids

Parents play a big role in keeping their children healthy and fit.  Being healthy as a child results in good healthy habits as adults. Children devour snacks throughout the day. These snacks are not small indulgences; they are actually mini-meals. Most children may not eat much in one sitting but they eat all day long.  It has been a constant challenge for moms and dads to provide their children with snacks that are appetizing and also good for them.

It takes creativity with fruits and veggies and other nutritious foods to disguise them as fun favorites. Because most kids get about one-third of their calorie intake from these mini-meals, its just as important to concentrate on good healthy snack options as it is for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  So toss out the junk food and start making after school eating delicious, nutritious and kid-friendly.  Happy Snacking!

Wheat French bread with Pepperoni and Munster Cheese

Create a Kabob with your favorite fruit.

Homemade Trail Mix:  Almonds, Dried Mango, Banana chips and Cranberries.  You can create with your favorites as well.

Stay tuned for more of our favorite healthy, kid-friendly snacks tomorrow.

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