3 Tools for Saving Money

3 Tools to Manage Saving Money

We are always looking for some tools to keep us heading in the right direction. As much as we wish the money fairy would come and do our budgeting, sometimes it takes a little effort on our side to keep us on track with our goals. Here are a few resources that can help you meet your financial goals:

  1. Mint.com – This website (and mobile app) allows you to see what is going on with all of your finances in one place. Connect all of your online financial accounts to your secured Mint account, and the website will pull in all transactions to show you exactly where you are spending money. On Mint, you can setup a budget for your family. The system will alert you when you cross the desired budget for the month, and it will also let you know if you can get a lower interest rate from another bank or credit card. Use the mobile app to keep up with your finances on the go.
  2. Dave Ramsey – eMeals has been a fan of the work going on from Dave Ramsey for a number of years now. Dave Ramsey is a financial guru that helps families get out of debt and work toward a prosperous future. Download his podcast, enroll in his financial peace course, or reach out to the many endorsed local providers that can assist you in planning for the future.
  3. Debt Proof Living – Have you been looking for some online calculators to help you plan and forecast your debt reduction plan? Debt Proof Living offers calculators along with a range of other resources for its members. Want something you can touch and feel? Pick up one of the books from the founder of Debt Proof Living, Mary Hunt.

How do you manage your family finances? Tell us what tools you may use on Twitter with #getthrifty.

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5 thoughts on “3 Tools for Saving Money

  1. Kelly

    Check out ynab.com. The phone app is great. We enter credit card receipts as we make the purchases. Our balances and goals are all in real time.

    1. Joyce

      I love YNAB! I started using YNAB after my hubby lost his job. I tried Mint at first, but couldn’t link all my accounts to it. I really like the fact that YNAB lets you use credit cards (sorry Dave Ramsey) and is still a zero balance budget. Hubby did get a job shortly after losing his and in the past four months we have gone from spending next week’s pay check to knowing that when a large bill is due we have the money for it.

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