Making Your E-Mealz Plan Your Own


The last things I harvested from my garden plus butter, fresh eggs, and dried figs.

There’s a lot of pressure on us here at E-mealz. Pressure to provide an opportunity each day for you to love your family through a meal.  Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes you don’t like the dish or we mess up the amounts in the ingredients. Yep, sometimes we are just wrong.  And yet more than not you send us rave reviews and that is our ultimate goal. We are grateful for both the positive and the negative. Without them we couldn’t do our job.

Being the vegetarian meal planner, I get a lot of feedback. Seems we have some pretty health conscious foodies out there, and rightly so because honestly, food is life and quality of life is important.  E-mealz should be considered a tool that enhances the quality of your life. We, the meal planners, are not nutritionists, but we are lovers of food; good wholesome, tasty, comforting food. That is our main qualification. The other is, we love to gift our families every evening with the gift of a tasty home cooked meal. When our families straggle in after a long day, we want them to be gifted with food. E-mealz is the gift of love through a meal.  I know that my family is highly disappointed when they come in and there is no dinner prepared. It tells me that it is important to them.  And this is why E-mealz is important to me; it translates into love.

Another reason I love E-mealz is its versatility. I am a very simple, basic, uncomplicated person.  It is tailor made for me and yet it is also for those who have a more detail-oriented personality.  The key is to remember that the meal plans are a template. You can, of course use them as they are, but you can also embellish them to your heart’s content.   Make your own freshly ground whole grain breads, rolls and pizza crust. Vegetarians, try making your own Tempeh. It’s fascinating and far less expensive than store bought. Learn how to make your own cheese. I make my own feta. It is a great project to do with your kids. Always make your own butter & yogurt. Simple to do is an understatement.  Grow some of your own veggies. It doesn’t take much space, and instead of growing uneatable grass & shrubs, you can have fresh produce all year to compliment your meals. Make your own veggie stock and freeze it.  If your county or city allows it, get chickens. It is so rewarding to see those fresh, nutritious eggs in the fridge. We always have food when there are eggs in the house. They are the most versatile food on the planet.

Let the plans be flexible. If you don’t like a meal, scratch through it and put one of your favorite meals in instead. (Make sure you share that recipe with us by emailing Replace side dishes with other items that you enjoy more. Use it to enhance your life. Don’t let those grid lines box you in. It is a tool, out of many tools, that will allow you to simplify or enhance your life, so that you can live your life to it’s fullest.

Bon Appétit!

Kim is our vegetarian meal plan writer who lives in South Carolina. She is married to Jay and has 4 children. 

4 thoughts on “Making Your E-Mealz Plan Your Own

  1. Catherine

    Hi there – I just hear about E-Mealz – i think it is a wonderful idea. I would purchase in a flash if you had another “special” option which seeks to avoid when possible “processed” and “prepackaged foods” – basically, those that focus on the perimeter of the grocery store and interior purchases of “simple” items like pastas, rice, basic canned goods, etc.

  2. Joan Espinosa

    I noticed that Emealz has menus for 5 dinners. The problem I have is that my family eats not only dinner, but also breakfast, lunch and a snack. We also eat 7 days a week and not 5. Why menus for 5 dinners and not for 7 days, breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner? Emealz saves you time on planning dinners, but if you have to supplement the menu by planning breakfast, lunch and snack on your own, we’re back to the old way of deciding on the menu and making your shopping list. I’ve been using You can plan menus for 7 days, breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. On Emealz, you might spend $75 a week at the grocery store for a family of 5, but you only eat five dinners for that. I spend about $100-$120 a week using 4 serving menus. However, the software is very cumbersome and takes a long time to come up with weekly menu and shopping list. It’s also hard to edit. Once you get to the actual shopping list ready for printing, you don’t know what item goes to what menu. The Emealz software appears to be more user friendly. Can’t Emealz prepare full menus for 7 days and include breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner?

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