UPDATE! Cyber Monday Just Got Bigger!

Hopefully you weren’t at Wal-Mart when the crazy lady brandished the pepper spray. Instead, we are hoping you are taking advantage of our big E-Mealz Gift sale from the comfort of home this weekend. But we have more good news! Tomorrow, Cyber Monday, only… we are expanding our sale to include any new subscription to any of our plans!

Take advantage of this opportunity to add some sanity and organization to your own life! You can choose from a plethora of ways to manage your food budget with our store based plans or select a plan based on your dietary preferences. We offer Gluten Free, Low Fat, Low Carb, Portion Control and Vegetarian Plans, as well as our Classic Menu to help make dinner happen with ease and on a budget.

If you have busy people in your life, our new gift card feature makes it easy to send someone a gift by mail or email… or wrap it up and hand deliver it! So whether you are making someone’s life easier with a gift from E-Mealz or hiring yourself a “mental maid”… now is the time! Just enter code: CYBER30 at checkout! But hurry… this is a ONE DAY ONLY sale beginning at midnight tonight until midnight Monday.


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