4 Budget-Friendly Gifts for Foodies Under $15

4 Budget-Friendly Gifts for Foodies | eMeals #eMealsEats

In search of a little gift you can give the foodie in your life without breaking the bank? Here are four items you can find online and in stores that are a must-have for the at-home chefs in your life.

4 Budget-Friendly Gifts for Foodies | Grater | eMeals #eMealsEats

– Microplane Grater: This handy kitchen tool was originally created for woodworking. We love it for grating fresh cheese over pasta or chilled chocolate bars over desserts for a restaurant-quality garnish at home. (It’s currently on sale for $9, down from the usual $14.95.) GET IT!

4 Budget-Friendly Gifts for Foodies | Bench Scraper | eMeals #eMealsEats

– Bench Scraper: Yes, there’s the traditional use for scraping dough off your work surface (or cutting a big batch of dough into workable pieces), but it’s also a great extra hand for scooping up chopped or sliced veggies and meat.  It’s also awesome for chopping up cooked chicken breasts when making chicken salad. GET IT!

4 Budget-Friendly Gifts for Foodies | Oil Pourer | eMeals #eMealsEats

– Oil/Vinegar Pourer: These all-purpose pourers are perfect for keeping the liquids you cook with regularly within easy reach. They attach to most bottles and are dishwasher safe too. Try them for olive oil, balsamic vinegar, or other infused vinegars.  They’re a simple, cheap way to cook like a pro. GET IT!

4 Budget-Friendly Gifts for Foodies | Meat Tenderizer | eMeals #eMealsEats

– Meat Mallet: A sturdy, two-sided affair is what you’re looking for. Use the smooth side when cooking chicken breasts (to gently pound them to an even thickness and ensure even cooking). It’s also perfect for cracking crab claws, coconuts, pecan shells…anything else that’s hard to open. The dimpled side is used to tenderize meat. GET IT!

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-Text by Scott Jones and Ashley Leath | Tool photo credits: Microplane / Ateco / OXO / KitchenAid

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