Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets You Need

We asked our resident kitchen gadget pro and eMeals co-founder, Jenny, to compile a list of the top kitchen gadgets you may not know you need. These will make your life easier and a little more efficient and who can’t use that in the kitchen?

Mandolin: I’ve had this old thing for 20 years! It’s from Pampered Chef and it’s as sharp as the day I bought it! The hand guard is a must. You can slice tomatoes, onions and potatoes…anything that needs slicing. There are 4 blades that give you options for julienne, grating and different thicknesses for slicing.

Garlic press: This is also another 20 year old item that has never lost it’s mojo! You place the unpeeled garlic clove in it and press. It presses out the pulp and leaves the peeling. No need to peel!

Stove-top grill pan: This is great for achieving the grill taste and texture when you can’t grill outside. One side is flat for making grilled sandwiches, pancakes, cooking eggs, bacon and sausage. The grill side has grill slats that mark your breads and meats and a ‘mote’ around the side to catch the grease. It’s easy to clean and store. You can find them in heavy cast iron or other lighter metals.

Serrated knife: I cannot function without this knife. There are many cooks out there who try to manage cooking without sharp knives. I don’t know how, but, they try. I got this knife at a kiosk at a mall and got 2 for the price of one. It has been the best knife and I have 2! Slicing tomatoes and bread is like slicing butter with this thing.  The point is…don’t try to cook without a great set of sharp knives. It makes prep time a breeze and you’ll feel like a real chef once you get your chop on!

Lemon/lime juicer: The newest addition to my kitchen is the lemon/lime squeezer. I use lemons and limes frequently and it’s a great way to get the squeeze on since my old hands just don’t have the squeeze strength they used to. One little trick: Roll the lemon or lime on your counter top, pressing to soften the pulp inside. It helps all of the juice to be squeezed out.

You can also find other nifty kitchen gadgets on our Pinterest board. What is your must-have kitchen gadget?

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6 thoughts on “Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets You Need

  1. Jen M.

    My apple corer/slicer is my most valuable tool. I use it pretty much every day and it takes 30 seconds to core and slice an apple.

  2. K.W.

    One of my main go-to items is a bowl that I purchased about 6 years ago from Southern Living at home. It is the perfect size for everything and I use it on a daily basis. My other go-to is my Kitchen Aid mixer. I know that these first two items probably don’t qualify as a gadget but I still can’t live without them in my kitchen. I also love my trusty handheld mixer – it has been going strong for 14 years. My last two must haves are a little paring knife and my Pampered Chef orange peeler.

  3. Cynthia

    The garlic press must be a good design. I am a pampered chef consultant and it looks like the one we still have today. I agree with all the top five picks. I love kitchen appliances and gadgets.

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