5 Products to Make Your Life Easier in the Kitchen

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It’s no surprise to learn that on average people spend more time in their kitchen than their living room. It’s amazing to see as friends or family gather or your kids’ friends how the natural inclination is to mingle and chat in the kitchen. It truly is the heart of our home and that’s why we want to share with you 5 tools that can help you be more efficient of organized.

  1. Evernote: You can use Evernote save save and sync notes between multiple devices, share with your friends and family to stay in touch, and keep up with your grocery list, recipes you want to try, and more!
  2. Crockpot: The crockpot is the ultimate time-saving tool. Go here to read our 10 tips to get the most our of your slow cooker.
  3. Binder: Even though the premise seems simple, it’s amazing how much time just organizing your most used recipes, laminating them, hole punching them and putting them in a huge binder will make it easy to quickly reference and pass along to any other family members or friends who want your recipes.
  4. Stackable Shelves or Organization for Your Spices: How much time do you usually waste searching through your cabinets for spices? Take one afternoon and buy some sort of stackable shelf system like this or one where you can see them from the outside. Group like spices together to cut down on cooking time each day. Put oils together, baking spices, seasoning spices and so on separated into sections to make grabbing the coriander a snap!
  5. Storage Containers: Look for some pretty glass or plastic storage canisters to keep your flour, sugar, pastas, and grains in. This will take up less room, keeps you from having half open boxes and bags that can be spilled, and keeps foods fresher for longer. This will make your pantry look less cluttered automatically and is a great organizing tool.

Combining these things with the ultimate meal planning tool eMeals will have your kitchen running in tip top shape! To see why meal planning is important, you can read more from our last blog article in our organization series.

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3 thoughts on “5 Products to Make Your Life Easier in the Kitchen

  1. Cara R.

    Our house already had pantry cabinets with small turn-out shelves in the front and larger stationery shelves behind. I organized my herbs and spices alphabetically across the fronts of the turn-out shelves. I can see them ALL at once. It is great! I’ll admit, though, that I do still have a bin on the countertop that is filled with the most-used spices (salt, pepper, garlic,etc.).

    I agree that Evernote is great. I use it for so many different things! :o)

  2. Michele Atkinson

    I am a working mom and I am a big fan of emealz. I would love to see an Android app come out for emealz, particularly one that has a modifiable shopping list (i.e., strike all of meal 5 items and add milk and eggs to the list) and Digital Recipe Sidekick, where you can have the recipe instructions read to you and ask aloud, “how much sugar?”. Keep up the good work!

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