5 Ways to Save Money with Pinterest

Oh, Pinterest, why are you so addicting? Many people find too many ways to spend more money because of Pinterest. Because who can resist that cute dress, the “best” new moisturizer, the hottest kitchen gadget, or the cutest kids clothes you’ve ever seen?! Well, we want to help  you start saving money with Pinterest! Here’s 5 ways you can use Pinterest to get your frugal groove going!

  1. Food: When you know you have to take snacks to the kids’ soccer games or need to figure out lunch, go to your boards and start searching through the recipes you have pinned that you may want to make. Then, go to your grocery store’s website and check out what’s on sale that week that corresponds with some recipes you want to make. When you pair sales like this with recipes you already know you want to make, you can save money on your grocery bill! Some fun appetizers we’ve found include Southwestern Rollups and Tempura Green Beans with Aioli Sauce.
  1. Follow Frugal Bloggers: When you follow frugal bloggers, you can see most of their posts with all the best deals on jewelry, clothing and more. We love learning frugal tips on Pinterest from Fantabulously Frugal, Frugal Living & Having Fun, & Money Saving Mom.
  1. Household Products: Whether you’re out of your favorite degreasing product, window cleaner or homemade spice mixes, you can find a homemade frugal version of it on Pinterest. Pocket your dollars and you may learn you like the homemade version even more than you like the name brand stuff.
  2. Home Decor: There are endless ideas on Pinterest for DIY furniture that could save you hundreds! Some of our favorites include a bed made out of palletts, a coffee table out of a window pane, and a behind the couch shelf from a piece of wood.

  3. Kids Toys: Instead of buying the latest toys to entertain your tots, turn to Pinterest for lots of homemade games and activities. There are tons of frugal ideas like water pinatas, growing a garden with your kids, and many other make at home crafts or games.

We hope that you’ll come join us on our Pinterest board to get lots more ideas on ways to save money. How do you use Pinterest to make your life easier or help you to save money?

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