6 Pantry Ingredients to Swap When You Go Paleo

6 Paleo Pantry Ingredients To Swap | eMeals

Are you ready to dig into Paleo-friendly foods but wonder which pantry ingredients you should keep, swap or toss? If so, we can help. Here are our top 6 pantry swaps to help you rethink your pantry.

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Paleo Pantry Swap: Vegetable Oil for Coconut Oil | eMeals

Forgo the vegetable oil…

…and use avocado or coconut oils for cooking and extra virgin olive oil in raw applications like dressings and vinaigrettes.

Paleo Pantry Swap: Butter for Ghee | eMeals

Ditch the butter…

…and use ghee when making pan sauces, sautéing vegetables or pan frying.

Paleo Pantry Swap: Soy Sauce for Coconut Aminos | eMeals

Replace soy sauce…

…with a combination of coconut aminos soy-free sauce and fish sauce, which  create a similar salty, savory flavor.

Paleo Pantry Swap: All-Purpose Flour for Coconut Flour | eMeals

Toss all-purpose flour…

…in lieu of a combination of almond flour, coconut flour and arrowroot.

Paleo Pantry Swap: Arrowroot or Tapioca Flour for Cornstarch | eMeals

Instead of cornstarch…

…try either arrowroot or tapioca flour in baked goods and for thickening sauces and gravies.

Paleo Pantry Swap: Sugar for Raw Honey | eMeals

Pass on granulated sugar…

…and sweeten dishes with natural sugars from honey, maple syrup and dried or fresh fruit instead.

Andrea Kirkland | eMealsAndrea Kirkland is a Registered Dietitian and culinary expert on a quest to teach people how to make good-for-you food taste amazing. Her passion for healthy cooking began early in life while helping loved ones who followed special diets find ways to make delicious and satisfying meals. She develops weight-management and specialty-diet recipes as part of the eMeals team.

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