Jenny’s Sweet Dessert Interview

Recently, we were approached by Chudleigh’s, the “Caramel Apple Blossom” dessert company out of Canada to help them with the launch of their blog. You know we refer to Jenny as the “Queen of Comfort Foods”… which includes all things hospitable, rich, sweet and yummy. So when Chudleigh’s asked to interview one of us about favorite sweets and dessert tips… there was no question who should be interviewed.

Jenny was asked questions for the first in their series of “Great Taste in Desserts” interviews, where Chudleigh’s is dialoguing with “friends from around the world who have a thing or two to say about great tasting food and desserts.”

In the meantime, Chudleigh’s also sent me a sample of their “Caramel Apple Blossoms”… and what a happy surprise! They came frozen all the way from Canada! These individual apple pies are fully baked, made with freshly peeled Northern Spy apples and topped with caramel. I just popped one in the microwave for one minute for the easiest possible way to enjoy an apple pie! I think these “Blossoms” taste home-made!

Until the end of December, you can find them at your nearby Sam’s Club. I think they would make a fun Christmas gift! And I also think that you will enjoy getting to know Jenny’s sweeter side as well. Enjoy learning more about Jenny in this yummy dessert interview!


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