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We’re excited to welcome Susan Heid, The Confident Mom, to our blog today to share with you a little bit about family. In our 14 days of love series with eMeals, we of course, had to include family! Read below to gain some insight from our parenting expert friend.

Over the years walking along side parents, and particularly moms, I’ve come to the conclusion that one task mom’s struggle with to fulfill each day is DINNER.  We fight with busy schedules, no dinner ideas, tight family budgets and lack of creativity.  We can begin to see this daily task as very routine and mundane.  But just as this is a task we struggle with to fulfill, I also know the power of a family eating around a dinner table.  If I can give any mom advice or a suggestion in the midst of the chaos that evolves for us in different seasons, it is the solid truth that getting your family around the table is extremely important and will produce results that you cannot replace any other way.

Mending the Heart

We’ve all had those kind of days that we just wish would end.  We’ve felt beaten up, spit out and just need a break.  Imagine what your children face each day outside the walls of your home?  How about your spouse?  We all face adversity each day and the place where we all come back to in order to find peace and refreshment is our home.

It is amazing how gathering around a table full of food, however elaborate or simple, is where we can find refreshment, acceptance and restoration.

“Strange to see how good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody”  Samuel Pepys

I’ve experienced this during my years as a single mom and now remarried blending a family of 4 kids, from two different marriages and one adoption.  This is the place where we all belong, we accept one another and can have honest relationship.  No matter how different each of us are, when we gather around the table as individuals, we are all united as a “we” or an “us”.

Positive Emotions

Gathering around the table for a meal unites us.  Each of those gathered feels a sense of connection, which positively affects their character, their emotions and sense of belonging.  When someone has a sense of belonging they have a vested interest in protecting others in the family and promoting their happiness as well as their own.  There is pride in the family unit and relationship.  Amazing how something so simple can have such dramatic benefits.

Open communication

Where else are you able to sit 44 inches directly across from someone for at least 20-30 minutes?  This is what happens at the table.  You are gathered around, sitting face to face with each other where you have the ability to look each other in the eye, see facial expressions and be engaged.  You are able to truly engage and get the whole picture rather than bits and pieces, which typically happen throughout the day.  By providing a space for open and honest communication you are allowing time for your children to be heard and understood.

What are the steps you need to take starting today to create time to share a meal around the table.  For some families, dinner does not work – that’s okay.  No one said these great benefits only come from eating dinner together, any meal together works.  Breakfast, lunch on the weekends, dessert each night, find at least 5 times to get your family around the table this week.

I know it will be the best Valentine gift you will have ever given your family, it just might take them awhile to realize it!

Susan Heid

Susan Heid is a PCI Certified Parent Coach® and Certified Family Manager® Coach and founder of The Confident Mom, where she mentors and encourages woman to be more organized, more peaceful and more confident in their role as moms.  Make sure to stop by and sign up The Opening Act, a FREE 5 part mini-parenting series delivered to your inbox!






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