A New “Rut-tine”

E-Mealz Vacation Plan“Rut-tine” (pronounced rut -teen) is a play on words conceived by my sister-in-law, who has quite a way with words. It’s how the word ‘routine’ should be pronounced. Routine isn’t a bad thing. But, sometimes it helps to get out of a ‘rut’ and try something new… something fresh… abandoning old patterns and doing things differently.

Spring Break is upon us, and soon summer will arrive. Most families try to escape their normal surroundings for a much needed vacation. With gas prices rising again, all of us feel the belt squeeze a little more right now, and any ideas to curb the expense of traveling are helpful. My family is going to let E-Mealz help this go-around.

Our Vacation Plan is available now for anyone who might like to try something new. We have seven great meals to choose from, with the usual handy itemized grocery list to make it easy to shop. We have two versions— 12 servings and 24 servings. Since our family is getting away this time with just a few people, six total, I’ll half the amounts.

Here’s the rundown of the meals we offer and a few GFM comments (refer to my last blog for the GFM lowdown):

Tacos in a Bag – a fun, kid friendly, taco dinner and you can throw away the bag!

Company Chicken – a classic E-Mealz dinner…every vacation needs a nice comfort dish…yummy gravy and rice.

Low Country Boil – a Bayou classic…a one-pot feast! Get out plenty of napkins and serve it outside for a fun, relaxed chow down.

BBQ Pork Sandwiches – a southern favorite. EZ slow-cook-all-day meal, ready when you are!

Bacon Cobb Pitas – a nice, light, refreshing option that will balance out the heavier meals.

Classic Spaghetti – who doesn’t like a whip-up-quick hot pot of spaghetti?

B&B Casserole-a warm-your-tummy egg casserole, paired with fresh fruit and hash browns.

If you want to leave behind your “rut-tine” and the stress of planning and budgeting for meals while on vacation, you may want to check out the Vacation Plan. You can use all of these meals, or just choose a few to cover the nights you stay in. It will give you more great time together as a family and save some pennies that you can spend otherwise. Let us know if you decided to try it and how it worked for your family. You might find this to be a new favorite “rut-tine” for your family!

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2 thoughts on “A New “Rut-tine”

  1. Patti

    How long do you get to keep the vacation menu? Do I have to print it right away or will it stay on for a certain period of time after I purchase it?

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