A Send-Off to Remember

Well…  you saw last week, my sweet girl is now married and headed down a new and exciting path. We’re so happy for her and her precious husband. I’d love to give you bits and pieces over the next few months and give you little bite sized tastes of an amazing, love and fun filled weekend.

I was able to pull off one surprise. She thought we had a typical send-off lined up. Since it was in the late evening, she had opted for sparklers. I kept that assumption going, while arranging for something really special.

Have you seen the movie “Tangled”? This is a ‘must-see’ if you’ve not. This is the story of Rapunzel, who is a lost princess, stolen by an evil woman who uses her magical hair to keep her young and beautiful. Every year on Rapunzel’s birthday, her grieving parents, the King and Queen, launch a lantern, hoping that it will call her home.

It was a solemn and silent ritual.  And once their single lantern is launched, the entire village launches hundreds of lanterns in solidarity with their King and Queen. It just gripped my heart as I sobbed in my hankie, thinking about the love and longing of their broken hearts. Anyone watching this scene will be moved.

I got on my computer to see if the flying lanterns were real or just animation magic. To my delight and surprise, they are real. We ordered 100 ‘wishing lanterns’ and miraculously kept it a secret from both bride and groom!

When they emerged from the church, ready to head out as husband and wife from the wedding, these beautiful, glowing, mysterious lanterns lifted off in an illumination of celebration. They loved it! It was an unforgettable, beautiful moment that we’ll never forget. The bride and groom lit one of their own and as it flew away, we bid them farewell. Linked to: Lil Luna

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13 thoughts on “A Send-Off to Remember

  1. Marsha

    I just love this idea! My 17-year-old daughter just loves the movie “Tangled”. I will definitely used this idea for her wedding one day whenever that day is. Lord willing! I will have to keep it a secret for a long time and that will be hard.
    I am thankful you have thought of this idea. Were the flying lanterns hard to find and expensive?

  2. oh amanda


    We had a Tangled party for my 5yo. And it all started b/c of those lanterns! I just wanted my daughter to see that for herself–that her parents were always there waiting for her!

    I bought the lanterns but with where our house is (lots of trees!) and the abnormally windy day we didn’t get to do them. Maybe I should save them for HER wedding? You know, in like 30 years?

    Congratulations to your daughter!

  3. Kyra

    That is the most awesomest (I know not a word) thing ever!! I will have to keep this in mind for when my daughters get married (they are 17 & almost 20 so I hopefully have a few years before they do). But that is just a neat idea! (P.S. I haven’t watched the movie but I just might have to).

  4. Stephanie Hudman

    After reading some of the E-Mealz blogs I just had to write and let you know how amazing all the women of E-Meals truly are!
    I have known this family for 30+ years and have watched how Mom Martha raised them to love family and home and to make it a priority in their lives. I have seen Pastor Mickey show them in a human way how the Heavenly Father loves & protects His children.
    I have seen each of them struggle, sometimes conquering and sometimes failing, but always learning. Even in the darkest days they always had a deep seeded faith that somehow they would survive and be OK. AND they were!
    As each started families of their own I watched how they would continue the legacy of faith and family in their own homes. I have been to wonderful events with and for them and am always amazed by their love for each other and for those of us “adopted” family members.
    These ladies are not perfect as they will be the first to tell you, but they are women of faith, committed to their Lord and their families, who, prompted by the Holy Spirit, wanted to share some insights with others. Thus the formation of E-Meals!
    Judy, Jenny, Jane and Beth, I love each of you and am so blessed by your presence in my life!

    1. Judith Barber


      It is humbling to have someone who knows you well, who has witnessed your life, and been there since the very early days to take the time to sit and write this. You have been a blessing to us all as well. Casey’s wedding was such a “visual” of the love in our family, it made me stop and take an account of our family and our lives as well. We are so blessed!! For all the sisters I say thank you for writing this comment, and we all love you.

  5. Cheri Foreman

    Hi…. I just popped over to your blog to take a peek and am now sitting here with a lump in my throat and water filled eyes after reading this post about the wish lanterns….what a beautiful and LOVING send off. So thoughtful, …what a treasure and sweet memory you created for them for their send off. I think perhaps a little family tradition has been started there!! 🙂 …definitely an idea I will keep stored in my little head for special occasions!

    Since I am commenting….I thought I would share with you a post I wrote on my blog about a year and a half ago about my first experience with E-Mealz….. http://raisingreid.blogspot.com/2010/02/you-know-what-i-love.html

    Thank you for everything you do in making these “plans” available to us…. it has made a big difference in my meal planning stress level leaving me more time to be with my boys undistracted ….and has made a difference in our bank account! 🙂

    ….and now, I learned about where to buy “Wish lanterns” ….the love keeps coming!! lol

    Cheri in CA

    1. Judith Barber

      Hello! I remember your sweet post (and tweeting about it:). Let us know if you write another post. You could also write to Heather@e-mealz.com if you are interested in a give-away for your readers. But I am so happy to hear that your family life has been impacted by our service (ministry:) and Dave Ramsey would be very happy to hear that your bank account has been impacted, too! As far as this wedding send-off, yes, it will become a family tradition, along with quite a few other ideas that were incorporated into this blessed event. Precious niece Casey is uber-creative and sensitive to her family and friends, so there were many elements of this wedding that were extremely meaningful to all of us… and she was the first of 14 grandchildren to marry!

  6. Mary

    I was excited to see you post about the wish lanterns. My small not-for-profit art center was considering releasing lanterns after our original version of Peter Pan as the fairies are trapped in the ships lanterns in the play. We the lanterns difficult to work with or difficult to light for a large group of people. We don’t know anyone else who has done this sort of event and would appreciate any insight. Can’t wait to start using you e-mealz program. It looks great! Thank you.

    1. Judith Barber

      They were easy to manage with two adults lighting and releasing one lantern. The evening we released the lanterns, there was no wind, so they rose straight up in the air. Just be sure to check with the forestry officials or fire marshals!

  7. David Buffalo

    I hate to be a downer, but I want to pass along some personal experience.

    As romantic and loving as that is, those “wishing lanterns” are an incredible fire hazard, particularly in areas with extreme draught. When I was a kid, my brother and I and neighbor kids used to make those things and fly them. What we learned was the real danger (before the era of perpetual lawsuits) is that large trees can catch those things and burn them down. We spent the better part of an evening putting one out before it caught a house structure on fire. Even in a forest area, once those things get above 200 feet, they are literally firebombs floating on air. Unless I actually knew the prevailing wind direction and speed, I would seriously just consider running the last few minutes of Tangled than to engage it what appears as harmless activity. In many cases, it is not.

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