About eMeals

eMeals is the simple dinner solution for busy people who want to spend their money wisely and their time with people they love. eMeals is the easy way to be organized, have a well-managed grocery budget and enjoy healthy dinners at home.
Jenny & JaneJane DeLaney, President and Founder of eMeals, struggled with balancing work and family life like most busy people. Her commitment to making her family life ordered around an evening meal where everyone could decompress and come face to face with each other, is also the fuel that drives her passion for eMeals.

Jane founded eMeals over nine years ago with her sister, Jenny Cochran… also a busy, working mom with three kids and a reputation for her culinary skills and gracious hospitality. Their budget-minded meal planning system is complete with easy to follow (or delegate) shopping lists and delicious recipes.
Today, eMeals is inspiring many other families to connect; strengthening that essential bond and making a practical menu-planning tool available to them to end the dinnertime and grocery budget struggle. The eMeals Team is comprised of working parents, with busy and complicated lives, who know the value of eMeals in their own experience.

Now the eMeals family of membership extends around the globe, with members from every hemisphere and every walk of life. Food is a beautiful uniting force for immediate families, for friends and fellow travelers in this journey through life. Around the table and in our hearts, we pray that lives are being blessed.


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