How to Peel and Cube Honey Mangos

Today’s #AskEmeals question comes from Deanna in New Orleans, LA. She wants to know how to cut a mango. Here’s Senior Food Editor Julie Gunter to share her favorite kitchen hack for getting the job done with ease. Do you have an #AskEmeals cooking question? Submit it in the comments section below, and read on for more on this staff favorite.

If you notice a small-sized yellow mango available at the market right now, you’re most likely seeing a honey mango, also known as an Ataulfo mango. Some fruits are worth singling out for discussion because they’re just that good. And this is one of them.

Honey mangoes are sweet and buttery tasting. They aren’t stringy or fibrous. When ripe, they will be soft to the touch. Their season is now, March through May, so get ‘em while they last. They’re a good source of vitamins A and C, as well. Find out below how to score the mango halves and then you can easily pack the fruit in lunch boxes in small zip-top bags.

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Some picky eaters (who won’t touch other more common fruits) have been known to eat two of these juicy mangoes in one sitting. This fragrant fruit has a thin yellow skin, but you don’t even need to peel it. There’s an easier way to get to the yummy flesh. With this technique, you end up with 2 big slabs (or cheeks) from the wide sides of the mango. Then you crosshatch the slabs and pop out the flesh to get neat little cubes. Here’s how.

All About Honey Mangos

1Stand the mango up on a cutting board, and hold it in place. Cut 2 flat sides off of mango once you’ve located the flat pit. These meaty pieces are referred to as mango cheeks.

All About Honey Mangos

2Score the inside of each mango cheek in a crisscross pattern about ½-inch deep with a sharp knife, but don’t cut through the skin.

All About Honey Mangos3Pop the mango cheek inside out, separating the cubes, and then scrape the squares off with a knife or spoon. (Or, check out the video above for a trick using a stemless wine glass!)

-Text by Julie Gunter

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