Clean Eating Jump Start Guide

Complete the 7 day challenge with the Jump Start Guide. Includes:
  • Clean Eating Overview
  • Weekly Meal Plan Outline
  • Seven Dinner, Lunch and Breakfast Recipes

Where is Harry? Bridal Tea gone Hogwarts…

It was a big surprise and yet a perfectly logical fit that Casey’s first bridal shower this January was a Harry Potter inspired event. Not to eclipse the beautiful spread of delicious delights, gifts and love that abounded, but, we were all completely blown away by the Hogwart inspired bridal gown design competition that ensued, pitting the younger-than-21-year-olds against all the older ladies.

Lasts in 2010 ~ Firsts in 2011

This is a “first”… a first for me, and a first for my first-born. We’ve started this New Year at warp speed headed straight for my daughter’s wedding this summer. All sights are on the BIG DAY. With one sleepless, how-am-I-going-to-pull-off-this-wedding anxiety and nightmare filled night behind me, I’m determined to conquer the rest with my secret weapon… the LIST! Oh, how love the LIST. What a beautiful, freeing little thing it is! Even if I don’t know what the heck I’m doing, dadgummit, I’ve got a list!!! I will exceedingly admit that I am not an administrator. I love order and serenity…

Christmas Morning ~ Traditions Evoke Emotions

Christmas traditions evoke memories you end up infusing into your own family. The tastes and smells… the tree and decorations… and the small things we make happen year after year all blend together to create the magic of our family traditions. It is all about preserving a “sameness” – a thread of belonging and familiarity that anchors who you are.

Apple Pie…with a Twist

Apple pie. There it is… the absolute BEST dessert and a sure find at any party or table around the holidays. Don’t mess it up with raisins and nuts and crumbly toppings. Perfection needs no alteration! Granny Smith apples are an absolute must. You’ve got to have the crunchy tartness of the ‘Granny’. However, as an exception, if you want a great twist on a classic pie, add 1 c fresh cranberries to your apple pie concoction.