Bananas for Nutella


Whether you enjoy Nutella on a bagel, waffle or simply on a spoon it is a healthy snack everyone loves.  I am always looking for new snack ideas for my kids and Nuetella satisfies my need to be healthy. So, why not use it to make a kid favorite? Popsicles!

Use your favorite molds and this easy recipe to put a smile on the kiddos face and a yummy in their tummy.  Remember when looking for non-toxic molds, they should be made out of silicone or state that the mold is a non-toxic product.  I recommend Tovolo Molds because they have a snap in base to hold them upright in the freezer and come off easily after you run them under hot water. You can order these molds from  You can also find other popsicle molds at your local grocery or arts and craft stores such as Wal-mart or Michaels.

Banana Nutella Pops


1 cup of Nutella

6 Bananas


Place ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into Freezer safe container or popsicle molds. Place in the freezer until the popsicles are frozen.

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