Behind the Scenes of a Photo Day

Photo Days at eMeals headquarters are some of our favorite days, for obvious reasons: Yummy food! But they also take a great amount of effort and coordination on the part of both the Menu Editors team and Marketing team. Today we thought we’d give you a peek behind the scenes of one of our recent photo shoots. We hope you enjoy a glimpse at a day at eMeals!


Before any of work in the kitchen begins, the Menu Editor and Marketing teams meet to discuss which recipes need to be photographed. On this occasion, we worked on recipes for a number of different meal plans. Before the shoot begins, the Marketing team will put together photo props (keeping in mind what the food will look like in each dish) and the Menu Editors compile the recipes. After grocery shopping has taken place, the real fun begins.


First up was the Easy Chicken Pot Pie. This smelled so good in the oven!


One of the great things about the test kitchen at eMeals is the natural light, which makes photo days a lot easier.


Once the food is ready, we try to grab as many options as we can—in a baking dish, on a serving plate, with a spoon, without a spoon—so that we can be sure to get that one perfect shot. We also take photos for social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. While one team works on the photographing the prepared recipe, another is busy cooking up the next recipe off-camera.



Sometimes the littlest things take the most work, and the simplest recipes turn out to be the most challenging. Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches sound so easy, but sandwiches can be challenging to photograph.


And just like your kitchen at home gets dirty, so does ours!


Our next recipe for the day was a staff favorite: Chicken-and-Blueberry Brown Rice Salads, served in Mason jars for a fun twist.



Of course, after a long day of cooking, cleaning, and photographing…



…we finally get to the good part: eating!


Of course, none of the food prepared throughout the day goes to waste. 😉 And that’s a behind-the-scenes look at a photo day at eMeals HQ!






2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of a Photo Day

  1. Kristi

    I just signed up for the free 2-week trial and received my dowloadable recipes. However, I was disappointed that photos of the recipes were not included. Is there a plan to include photos in the near future?

    1. eMeals

      Hi Kristi,

      Most of our plans include at least one recipe with a photo each week; most often it’s the very first recipe in the plan. The photo is not included on the PDF itself, but appears in the app and in the email that subscribers receive each week. Hope this helps!

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