Beth’s E-Mealz Inspired Christmas Tree

As a single mother of two, I had some free time on my hands the weekend of Thanksgiving while the kids were with their father and his family.  I contemplated getting a pedicure and manicure but opted to decorate the house for Christmas instead.  The tree was put in place after much man-handling on my part and then I arranged all the decorations (all of which would be scrutinized and adjusted once the kids returned). In all fairness, I have two trees, one for me and one for the kids. They prefer their tree instead of the “pretty” one.

While out and about, I found some ornaments that represent my beloved E-Mealz and decided to incorporate them into my “pretty” tree. My 9 year old daughter thought I should let her use them for her American Girl doll. I selfishly hesitated, but eventually gave in and they had a big time!

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if my tree is “pretty”. The beauty is found in His gift to us that we celebrate every Christmas morning in our Savior’s birth. His never-ending love for us will be our eternal present. When the decorations are down, the rooms are back to normal and every day seems like any other day, we can always find assurance that a “pretty” tree is with us every day!

Beth Stockli is Jane and Jenny’s little sister, mom to Dalton and Elise, and Director of Operations for E-Mealz.

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