Birthday Party Idea ~ Splash Bash

We have survived another year at the Serota household! My daughter Hazel turned two, and we celebrated with a fabulously fun-filled afternoon with adorable toddlers splashing around everywhere.

(You may remember that for her first birthday I meticulously planned the party for months, hand-sewed little owl party favors for hours on end, specially ordered cupcakes with little owl fondant toppers and had every detail perfectly in place weeks ahead of time.)

This year was a total free for all. Nine weeks ago we became a family of four with the addition of another precious baby girl and wrapping my head around my very enthusiastic toddler’s birthday was not the first thing on my mind. BUT it amazingly went off without a hitch.

I cranked out some invitations two weeks before the party, threw some water toys and games in my parents’ backyard, ordered cupcakes from Publix just days before, made a last minute run to the party store for decor and favors and the celebration began.

The main event ended up being an inflatable water slide and pool that we borrowed from a very sweet and generous friend. Loving all forms of DIY crafts, I did take a couple of hours one afternoon to make some fun cupcake toppers for the cupcakes.

Stay tuned! Instructions for the DIY cupcake toppers coming soon.

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2 thoughts on “Birthday Party Idea ~ Splash Bash

  1. Jenny Rink

    Really you have celebrated Hazel’s birthday in such a lovely way. The water slide and pool idea has added more fun in the party. The pictures are amazing. I’ll look forward to the instructions for the DIY cupcake toppers.

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