Bittersweet Back-to-School

While summer can be crazy with the kids home from school, it is sad to see summer ending so abruptly and the kids waving goodbye early in the mornings. For some of us, the heat of summer seems a cruel combination with sitting in a classroom. I am old enough (don’t ask) to remember school days coinciding with Labor Day and the hint of Fall in the air.

There is one thing with which E-Mealz is replete… moms helping kids of all ages get ready to go back to school. We are caught between ‘Wheew!’ and ‘Already?’ And many of us are scrambling to make sure all the details are covered and load them on the bus THIS WEEK!

If you are in that place and hoping to dodge any “whole clove moments” like Jane just wrote about, we have a little help for you. Our own back-to-school-expert cupcake-baking homeroom-mother all-the-kids-know-her-name Brown Langner lovingly compiled the free Back To School Checklist you can download from the left side of our website. (Read Brown’s suggestion for school lunches, too.)

I am also old enough to have a son heading off to finish his last year of college. Talk about bittersweet! We are leaving this week to “road-trip” 2000 miles across the country to California for a one semester program (I will fly back and leave him with a car).

My son has survived many mortifying “whole clove” moments with me, but has managed to laugh about most of them… after the initial, “MOM!!!!” I feel a little like a survivor myself. But mostly, I look back with immense gratitude for a sweet life. And I promise I will try not to cry when he gets “on the bus” this time.


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  1. Mary Jean Harmon

    I subscribe to e-mealz portion control menu for two at any store. I am having a problem with this program. Out of 5 menus only 3 of them are for two. One is for 6 and one is for 3. I don’t want meals for 6 or 3. Don’t you have this program for TWO?

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