BlogHer 2011: A Recap

I don’t even know where to begin in telling you guys about my BlogHer 2011 experience. For those of you that don’t know or weren’t barraged by our tweets about BlogHer, it is a blogging conference that was attended by over 3,500 women! It was an incredible chance to network, get to know other bloggers, companies and share in our love of social media.

View of San Diego from a ferry to Coronado Island

The conference was in beautiful San Diego.  I couldn’t believe how incredible the weather was…. mid 70’s and no humidity. Seeing the ocean, mountains, Hotel Del Coronado and the pretty downtown area was enough to make me a very happy girl, let alone all the relationships and fun that was built in.

Goofing around in the T Mobile photo boothI was blessed to have these three women as my roommates: Suz from Suz Rocks (who I somehow didn’t get a picture with), Carolyn from This Talk Ain’t Cheap, and Monica from Monica Wants It. These women were not only incredibly kind but they knew just the right balance of being a “home base” of sorts for each other and also spending quality time when needed.  Make sure you check out their blogs and tell them E-Mealz sent you.

The easiest way to sum up my trip may be just to show you in pictures so here’s just a few to give you a glimpse into my trip.

Rhoda with Southern Hospitality, who I now call a friend, was one of the four winners of the Knorr food challenge. Way to go, Rhoda (and way to represent the South)!

Watching Rhoda compete at the Knorr cook-off (Thanks to Rhoda for the pic)

False eyelashes from the Skinny Cow expo booth

Expansive and beautiful Hotel Del Coronado

Herb garden at Hotel Del Coronado

Monica & I at one of the BlogHer parties

As you can see this 3-day conference packed a lot in. Many of these bloggers are a big part of why I love my job at E-Mealz. Getting to connect with them in real life, meeting new faces and learning about new blogs is so fascinating. Not to mention when I met E-Mealz subscribers and lovers, it was even more fun! I hope you all enjoyed seeing a little bit into the life of bloggers across the United States that I met here at BlogHer!

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