Bringing Dinner Back Week #5 ~ The Truth about Stale Cake

Jon Acuff One month down, two to go! Hopefully you’ve had as much fun as I have with the dinner challenge. I’ve spent the last four weeks talking about what the Acuff family tends to do around the table. Today I want to talk about what we put on the table.

What we learned: Don’t eat stale cake.

My wife does not measure calories. She has not been known to count the number of legumes in each recipe she makes. We have very few conversations about the amount of lycopene we eat. But she does have one rule when it comes to eating healthy:

Life is too short for stale cake.

When it comes to dessert and “fun calories” that’s the only thing she says. What does it mean? It means she wants her dessert to count. If she’s going to eat dessert or a savory dish that is loaded with butter and cream occasionally, she’s going to make sure it’s a dish she loves. She’s not going to waste the calories on cake that is stale or a dish she just kind of likes.

It’s like going on a vacation. Let’s pretend you live in Nashville and Southwest gave you a $300 voucher to fly anywhere they service. You could go to San Diego or Florida or dozens of other locations. And you decide to use the voucher for a trip to Birmingham, AL. That wouldn’t make any sense. You could drive there in less than three hours. If you’re going to spend the voucher, spend it on a long distance. Spend it on somewhere far away. Make it count.

Same with calories. If you’re trying to eat healthy and occasionally have 300 calories to spend, don’t waste them on a dessert you just sort of kind of like. Eat something you love. Eat something that flips you upside down. Eat something that is not stale cake.

If you ever come over to our house for Christmas and you offer me a piece of old fruitcake, I hope you will not be offended if I only take one bite. It’s not you, it’s me. I want my calories to count.

Our favorite E-Mealz meal of the week.

We’re doing the Publix Meal Plan. I loved the Black Bean Sausage Soup Gumbo Stew Awesomeness. (Not the exact name but it was so great it deserved nicknames.) It was hardy and thick and fantastic. The best part was that I got to take it in to work a few days for lunch.

Our dinner record for the week.

You killed me this week. I know you did. I was out of town in San Diego, Los Angeles and Kansas City this week. I went 3 for 7 on dinner at home but hope to make a triumphant return next week.

How many nights this week did you eat dinner with your family? Did you beat me?

What was your favorite E-Mealz meal?

What is your favorite dessert?

2 thoughts on “Bringing Dinner Back Week #5 ~ The Truth about Stale Cake

  1. Charlie Chang

    Ah this comment was supposed to go on here, not last week’s.

    We went 7 for 7 (hooray!). We’re doing the Walmart plan for 4 so me and my wife have enough for lunch the next day.

    Favorite meal was the chicken strip wraps.

    It’s kind of funny because when I pick up my kids from daycare on the way home I ask, “Chloe, how was your day?” And she replies, “Wait until dinner.” I like that because it’s her way of saying, “Let me save it until we’re all together as a family.”

  2. Fiona

    The truth about stale cake:

    Stale sponge cake was the original inspiration for lamingtons. Lamingtons are delicious little cakes, covered in chocolate icing on all sides and rolled in coconut, often served with cream. (And yes, I realise that as an Australian, writing to a predominantly American audience, I need to explain what lamingtons are.) Legend has it that the chef at Queensland’s Government House was required to feed some unexpected guests at short notice.

    So I guess that life is too short for stale cake, but if you coat the cake in enough icing, it can turn into a cultural icon!

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