Bringing Family Back


Jane & I with our girls

When I met Jane DeLaney almost a decade ago, one of my favorite things about her was the importance of the connection of family.  Jane and I became friends through our children and we shared two main components that has bonded our friendship all these years…faith and family.  We have had many conversations over the years about our calling to be a wife and a mom and the importance of keeping our families connected within the unit.   This is one of the main concepts that drew me to E-Mealz.  While I needed all the help I could get in the kitchen and with my grocery budget, it was also refreshing to hear about families wanting to come together around the dinner table and enjoy relational time together while also enjoying food.  It doesn’t get much better than that for me.

This years Family Week is bittersweet for me as we prepare for our oldest daughter to fly away from the nest and graduate from high school in May.  It reminds me of how time has flown by so fast but yet takes me directly to the humble gratitude to my God for the blessing of my family.  It takes me back over the years spent with my children and the love and laughter that we have shared around our dinner table and in our home as a family. It warms my heart each and every time I visit these memories.

E- Mealz, family

My family

Our daughter has been a joy to our entire family and I have loved every minute of being her mom. As we enjoy Family Week together, it means so much more this year.  I am savoring every moment with her and during this week as we celebrate our family with the fun-filled activities and food, I will also be celebrating her life and what she has meant to us for 18 years.  So I encourage you to celebrate your family this week and savor the moments because they fly by so fast.   Make memories that you will enjoy looking back to for a lifetime. Happy Family Week from my family to yours.

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