Brown’s Fun Food Facts: Is There Really Ham in a Hamburger?

hamburger, E-Mealz, bun, meatI have always been curious where some foods get their names.  I think it is because I love history of any kind, even food.  I found the following information in Humpty Dumpty’s Magazine for children and found it very interesting and wanted to share it with you.

Is a STRAWBERRY made of STRAW? Is a GRAPEFRUIT a big, yellow GRAPE? Are HAMBURGERS made of HAM? Are SANDWICHES full of SAND?

No, of course not. But let’s see how these foods got their names.


Strawberry plants have long stems that grow along the ground. These stems look like straw. Because the juicy, red berries grow on a plant that looks like straw, they are called strawberries.


Grapefruits are citrus fruits, like oranges and lemons. But unlike other citrus fruits, grapefruits grow in bunches on trees. Because they grow in bunches, much like grapes, they are called grapefruits.


Hundreds of years ago, ground beefsteak was a popular food in Hamburg, Germany. When people from Hamburg moved to the United States, they taught Americans how to make these ground beef patties. The Americans called the patties “hamburgers,” after the Germans’ hometown.


Long ago, a nobleman who lived in Sandwich, England, liked to play cards. He liked playing cards so much that he didn’t want to stop playing even to eat. He asked for a piece of meat between two slices of bread so that he could eat and play cards at the same time. The sandwich was named for that nobleman, the Earl of Sandwich.

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