Open Casting Call

Calling all E-Mealz fans! Have you had a tremendous life change or life improvement from using E-Mealz?  Have you dropped some serious pounds thanks to using one of our specially plans?  Has E-Mealz taught you how to cook or maybe just taught you more about how to balance your life?  We want to hear your stories!

We get tons of snippets of how much E-Mealz impacts your life on our Facebook page, but if you’d like to submit a story and photos for us to consider for our blog, please email them to We love the sense of community that is built through E-Mealz and we want to continue to feed off of your passion for E-Mealz and share it with the rest of our members.  You all are an inspiration to us as individuals and as a company, so please send those stories our way!

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2 thoughts on “Open Casting Call

  1. Maria M.

    E-mealz has decreased the amount of time I spent meal planning and making a grocery list. My husband LOVES the recipes. He smiles more while eating dinner than I think he has in our 2+ year marriage. We are eating better and more variety of foods than we ever have before!

  2. Elizabeth McLean

    I travel for a living and my husband plays Mr. Mom in my absence. When I first started to travel, my husband and kids were constantly eating proceeded meals or frozen meals. After I found e-mealz, they now eat good, healthy food everyday. I love that no thought is required on my part for meal planning and my husband loves the simple, but tasty recipes. I have used e-mealz to purchase groceries all over the country. My grocery store will shop for you, so I carry my e-mealz list with me and order groceries online from California, New Jersey, Texas, Illinois, South Carolina. The ultimate in conveinence!!! Thank you E-mealz.

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