Clean Eating Jump Start Guide

Complete the 7 day challenge with the Jump Start Guide. Includes:
  • Clean Eating Overview
  • Weekly Meal Plan Outline
  • Seven Dinner, Lunch and Breakfast Recipes

Christmas Morning ~ Traditions Evoke Emotions

Christmas traditions evoke memories you end up infusing into your own family. The tastes and smells… the tree and decorations… and the small things we make happen year after year all blend together to create the magic of our family traditions. It is all about preserving a “sameness” – a thread of belonging and familiarity that anchors who you are.

Wordless Wednesday ~ Casey & Brandon’s Engagement Party!

The whole family gathered to celebrate the first grandchild engagement with cake, lots of good food and dancing. Some occasions merit a DJ… so that every generation can Electric Slide together! Brandon proposed to Casey with his own handy-work on a stitched sweater. Congratulations Casey and Brandon ~ two highly creative and talented love birds who light up a room!

Apple Pie…with a Twist

Apple pie. There it is… the absolute BEST dessert and a sure find at any party or table around the holidays. Don’t mess it up with raisins and nuts and crumbly toppings. Perfection needs no alteration! Granny Smith apples are an absolute must. You’ve got to have the crunchy tartness of the ‘Granny’. However, as an exception, if you want a great twist on a classic pie, add 1 c fresh cranberries to your apple pie concoction.