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Clean Eating Jump Start Guide

Complete the 7 day challenge with the Jump Start Guide. Includes:
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Why Low Carb Eating is More than a Fad Diet

I’m no expert. I’m just a regular person, who found out how to do the low carb diet effectively. I got to almost 200 lbs. I’m a typical woman who was getting up towards the 40 year mark and was watching my hormones and slowing metabolism take an affect on my body more than I wanted it to. Within a year’s time of practicing a low carb diet, I lost about 50 lbs.

Sugar… Ah, Honey Honey! Part III

I have been sharing my “sugar experiment” with you in previous posts, and want to just wrap up by encouraging you to consider the refined sugar content in the food you keep in your house, the food your kids eat and your “go-to” food fixes when you feel tired, depressed, etc. My self imposed “sugar experiment,” which lead to a 35 pound unexpected weight loss and the return of my health, revealed a few things to me that I think apply to almost everyone.

Sugar… Ah, Honey Honey! Part II

It was much more difficult than I imagined it would be, simply because I believed I did not have an issue with sugar AT ALL! It took about two months to replace my typical daily eating habits with real food. I decided that I couldn’t handle depriving myself of anything else, so I added back breads and pastas. I was sure I would actually gain weight. Since my goal was to avoid diabetes and get the feeling back in my feet, I decided it didn’t matter. But, to my surprise, I didn’t gain any weight. And then, after about four months, I started losing weight! I couldn’t believe it, because I felt like I was eating more food than I had ever eaten in my whole life. Then the weight just started falling off! By the end of that six month experiment, I had lost 35 pounds!!!!