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Clean Eating Jump Start Guide

Complete the 7 day challenge with the Jump Start Guide. Includes:
  • Clean Eating Overview
  • Weekly Meal Plan Outline
  • Seven Dinner, Lunch and Breakfast Recipes

Behind The Scenes at “Better Nashville” Taping

When Kacy Hagerty – host of popular NBC show “Better Nashville” – contacted us wanting to profile one of our members in a feature about dinner planning, budgeting and grocery shopping, we knew exactly who to ask! Kimberly Thomas is one of our most ardent supporters and menu plan followers. Her life works well, and her family finds a regular connection around the dinner table with her E-Mealz plan in hand. She loves to share E-Mealz with her friends and anyone she encounters who express frustration with grocery budgeting and meal planning… I was there to document and encourage Kimberly. But as it was, Kimberly and Kacy encouraged me! They were both amazing, articulate and enthusiastic. I thought you would enjoy a view behind the scenes. Here is a glimpse of the day…

{Jon Acuff} Bringing Dinner Back Week #7 ~ Dinner is a catapult.

We’re perfect parents. We never make mistakes and our kids always clean their rooms and get straight A’s in school and have bright white teeth that will never need braces. Not really, but that’s often the assumption I make about every other parent in the world. They know some trick, they have some special formula, they’re perfect parents and I’m just Jon.

Baseball and the Disappearance of Dinner: Say No to the Fast Food Dugout!

As a mom of four scattered, school-age kids, it is quite the feat to magically make dinner appear each night, even on the best of days. Add to that spring sports, the drive thru temptation, and the food budget will take a fatal hit. So here are some things I’ve gleaned along the way that may help us all curtail the disappearance of dinner – no matter what the season.

Bringing Dinner Back Week #4 ~ Dinner is a bucket.

That’s why dinner is never really just dinner. It’s you sitting down and putting time and attention and hopefully love into the bucket of everyone else at that table. It’s you saying, “You’re important to me. Life is busy and hectic sometimes, but you matter to me.” And when someone’s bucket is full, you know.

Jon Acuff is Bringing Dinner Back! Week #2: Better dinners through bigger stories.

Today marks the end of week two of the dinner challenge. (You can read about the first week “Dinner Unplugged” right here.) This week, we decided to mix it up a little and in addition to eating together, add a “family game” to the mix. My five-year-old will crush you at UNO given the chance so we tend to avoid that particular game. Here’s what we ended up doing instead.