Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Telling Us…

Valentine's Day Giveaway! $140 value

What do you love? We are celebrating 14 days of Love by focusing on things that we can all relate to loving. At eMeals, we want to hear what you love.

The Prize – We are giving away $140 worth of prizes to 5 contest winners. The prize pack includes:

  • 6  months of eMeals Dinner, Lunch, and Breakfast plan
  • $50 Spa Credit to indulge yourself or give to the one you love
  • $10 Gift Card at 32º Yogurt Shop

Enter to Win – Simply tell us what you love. We will pick the top 10 and have our Facebook audience pick the top 5. Click here to enter.

Be sure to visit the contest and share it with friends.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Telling Us…

  1. Debbie

    I love the sweet faces of the 20 children in our Pre-K 3 class. The minute I step onto our school campus I hear shouts of “Hi Miss Debbie” or oh look “There’s Miss Debbie”. I feel the love when they crowd around to give me a hug. I love when they shout out “I love you Miss Debbie”. Even when I’m tired and drained, I am re-energized by the love of these children. What do I love? Little children who are still innocent and untouched by any craziness in this world.

    Blessings and love,

  2. Patti Pennock

    I love that my children love my new interest in cooking. My husband died 2 years ago. He did most of the cooking before he died. I never did much cooking. On January 1 of this year, Groupon had a special with emeals. I signed up and am so happy I did. I now cook almost every night for the evening meal. I enjoy grocery shopping. I enjoy planning the menu. I love that I now have staples in my pantry. I can go into the pantry and find what I need to prepare meals. When I don’t cook my children let out a sigh. Thank you so much emeals!

    Patti Pennock

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