Cinco de Mayo Kids’ Activities

Most Americans mistakenly consider Cinco de mayo a sweeping Latin holiday. In actuality, it is an important Mexican Holiday celebrated in its homeland with parades and festivity! This date boasts and celebrates a sweeping defeat of the French army by the outnumbered Mexican army in the small town of Puebla, Mexico in 1862. This was a glorious moment for the country of Mexico and thus became celebrated by her people.

As you gather with your family and friends to celebrate this year, let us help you by providing a simple and delicious party plan that serves up to 12 people. You can add any of your favorite Mexican dishes to it or use it as is. You can find it on your member’s page or get it for free as a bonus when you sign up! Our white sangria is among the items on our menu and is the drink of the season in Mexico this year.

Here are a few activities you and your family can do together if you need ideas for your Cinco de mayo party.

Learn simple Spanish words like:

–       Counting to 10: Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez

–       Colors: Red – rojo, blue – azul, green – verde, yellow – Amarillo, purple- morado, orange – anaranjado

–       Common words: Girl – chica or muchacha, boy – chico or muchacho, yes – si, no – no

Fun Games for the Kids:

–       Piñata:  You need a piñata, string to hang it and a baseball bat or pole. This is easy fun for the whole family! Just be sure to clear OUT so no one gets hurt!

–       “Benito Juarez Says”: Just like Simon Says, this game can highlight Mexico’s history and honor one of their esteemed leaders. Here’s his story: Benito Juarez, a Zapotec Indian, was born and raised in extreme poverty. With hard work, determination, and strong love for his country, Juarez became the president of Mexico and defeated the French, who had occupied the country for five years.

–       Mexican Hat Dance: You need a Sombrero and authentic music from Mexico. Have the children make a giant circle while holding hands. Explain that when you begin the music they should all begin to walk sideways. When the name of a child is called that child leaves the circle, walks to the middle of the circle and dances around the hat until another child’s name is called. They may then rejoin their classmates and the dance continues.

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One thought on “Cinco de Mayo Kids’ Activities

  1. Sharon O

    I did not realize chica means girl. I babysit a little girl named Lily (Liliana Olivia) who is two and a half who speaks fluent spanish and english, she is my nieces little one and super smart.
    Her daddy is full hispanic or mexican and an awesome guy.
    They have a dog who looks like a wolf named chica. Aha… now I know why.
    Liliana is so funny she will count in spanish then test me… because she knows I ‘don’t know’ so I bought a spanish dictionary…too funny me a 57 year old auntie being out smarted by a little one. ;o)

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