Clean Eating in a “Dirty” World: Top 3 Tips


  1. Always be prepared. Admittedly, it takes longer to prepare fresh foods than it does to pull a box of cookies out of the pantry or to zap a can of  “beefaroni.” And there’s nothing more likely to derail your best intentions of eating healthy than hunger. Prepare by stocking your fridge with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean dairy for snack attacks, and fill your freezer with make ahead meals for easy dinner on busy nights. And don’t forget to stash some nonperishable, healthy snacks, like nuts and unsweetened dried fruits, in your desk at work and in the car for emergencies.
  2.  Keep it simple. In today’s world, most of us can’t spend three hours in the kitchen every night preparing dinner. The good news is, fresh foods are delicious when prepared simply. Instead of choosing the cover recipes from seven stylish food magazines for this week’s menu, choose simple recipes that fit your person schedule and budget. Starting with a practical and doable plan will help you stay on track with clean eating.
  3. Be reasonable. A common problem that many people face when adopting a new diet or eating style is the “all-or-nothing” philosophy. We set new goals and dive headlong into a strict regimen, and one “bad” choice causes us to fall off the bandwagon. Instead, start out with realistic expectations. It’s okay to have a piece of your mother’s famous chocolate cake on your birthday (just don’t take the rest of the cake home with you), and you can resume your healthy eating plan the next morning. Allow yourself to enjoy occasional reasonable indulgences and don’t let them derail your overall healthy lifestyle.

Check out the eMeals Clean Eating Plan for quick and simple dinner recipes for every night of the week.

For more information on clean eating, visit “What is Clean Eating?

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