Couple Loses 120 Pounds on Paleo Meal Plan

Weight Loss from Eating Paleo

We are excited to be sharing testimonials from our eMeals subscribers on our blog! Tara and her husband really wow’ed us with their weight loss story. Read below to get a little insight into how eMeals makes their family’s life a little easier and how it has helped them to lose 120 pounds collectively!

I’ll never forget the day I joined eMeals. It was January of 2012 and my husband and I were struggling. Neither of us were particularly good cooks and so we were stuck in a really terrible food rut. We consistently had boxed pizzas, mac & cheese with either fish sticks or chicken tenders or we ate out. We had both gained a substantial amount of weight and neither of us was happy with our diet or our lives. I got an email that day from one of those daily deal websites saying that all of their offers that day were themed on starting off a healthier new year. I scanned the entries with mild interest. I saw the eMeals offer for their meal planning service and clicked the link. I had never heard of a meal planning service before but the idea seemed perfect.  I remember thinking that the service was going to be really expensive. The next page opened and my mouth fell open. Full price for a year’s worth of dinners was only $58!!! I had been expecting hundreds. Now I was excited. I went to the eMeals’ website and was very happy with what I read. This isn’t a company that sends you premade food in the mail. Instead, they send you recipes and you can easily pick and choose from the weeks meals which dinners you want to prepare. They even give you the complete store list! You get to choose what type of food you are looking for and where you will be shopping! They even tailor the menus to the sales at the store of your choosing! After reading all the positive reviews from their members on Facebook, I immediately signed us up.

I went home and told my husband about my find. He met the idea of eMeals with skepticism but agreed to give it a try. That weekend I went and purchased next week’s meals and our adventure began. We were quickly exposed to many different flavor palettes and cooking techniques. Mealtimes soon became fun, as we started to cook together as a couple. We found ourselves talking more and enjoying the new lifestyle of eating healthy, home cooked meals.

Soon after, my husband joined a CrossFit gym. CrossFit encourages a Paleo lifestyle and as soon as eMeals released their Paleo plan we instantly switched from the Low Fat plan. The Paleo meal plan has been beyond amazing. I thought eating Paleo would be really difficult for me since my favorite part of a meal is the starch. I live for the noodle, rice or potato side. Veggies and meat? Not my favorite. Thanks to the eMeals recipes however, I enjoy dinner every night despite the lack of grains or rice. We hear so many people at CrossFit complain about how they want to eat Paleo but don’t know what to make, and get tired of eating chicken and broccoli every night. We don’t have this problem. We eat a varied and delicious new meal every night and never have to stress about what to cook for dinner. We then take our leftovers from dinner for our lunches the next day.

Since starting the Paleo meal plan, my husband has lost over 90lbs and I have lost 30lbs. We eat healthier, have a better budget, enjoy a closer relationship with each other, and we have learned how to cook! I can’t even begin to describe how happy we are as eMeals subscribers. We enjoy our meals, and having a plan for the week helps keep us on track with both our budget and eating healthy. eMeals has truly changes our lives for the better.

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