Crafty Cookies for Christmas: Gingerbread Men

It’s always interesting finding new ways to celebrate December birthdays. I was excited to go to a friend’s little girl’s second birthday party where we had gingerbread cookie men to decorate. It was super fun for kids and adults alike!  The kids got super messy, ate tons of cookies and candy, made adorable cookies and the tables were decorated so cute with Christmas decorations. My friend was brave to have tons of tiny people making huge messes all over her house but having the time of their lives. It was very festive and put everyone in the Christmas spirit. The party favors were gingerbread men ornaments.

Here’s how to host your own gingerbread decorating party!

Ingredients to Use for Decorations:

  • Candy Toppings (such as gum drops, M&M’s, Skittles and any other favorites)
  • Sprinkles
  • Easy squeeze icing tubes
  • Gingerbread cookies

You can use the printable recipe for gingerbread men to make these cookies, print out the free printable here and gift them to neighbors or coworkers.

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