Crock Pot Ease: Our Favorites

The crock-pot might be, truly, the family cook’s best friend. Dump it in, turn it on and leave. Come home to a home-cooked meal, ready to eat. YUM! There have been many cookbooks and resources published out there where you can find your pick of crock-pot recipes. But, what do they taste like? Are they any good? Will we like them?

Well, here’s where eMeals trumps the rest. We have an amazing team of meal writers and other staff members that live normal busy lives just like most of us and feed their families on a regular basis. Our recipes, found in our ‘recipe-pool’, are ‘family tested’ and ‘kid approved’ (except for maybe the pickiest among us!) You don’t have to take the time, if you don’t have it, to search and search for a recipe that you think would be worth trying. Then, take the time to test it and decide if it’s a keeper. We do all of that for you!

In March, we’ll be offering 5 Favorite Crock-Pot Recipes (submitted by one of our own staff, Dawn Moore) for FREE when you sign up for eMeals and will be available to all of our loyal subscribers to add to their meal line-up, as well. It’s laid out in a beautiful format that you can keep and use if and when you need it! These will be a great addition to our meal plans in the event that you need a substitute for a specific reason or occasion. You can see a sneak preview here of what’s to come:

We hope you’ll enjoy these and we’d love to hear from you on Facebook and Twitter! Rate them and let us know what your people thought about them!

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15 thoughts on “Crock Pot Ease: Our Favorites

  1. Emma

    Wonderful!!! I am enjoying all these new additions here lately!
    May I request you add “oriental ribs” to this new crockpot list? My family gets so excited when we see it on the menu :).
    A couple of suggestions…
    •is it possible to have some sort of star system on re-appearing meals?
    •subscribers could post comments after they cook the meal for other subscribers to see.
    •make an app for subscribers to use on their smart phones. Include a shopping list that lists the meals and click on the ones they like and have the app narrow the list accordingly.
    •also on the app on the grocery list, once the list is made, make it to where subscribers could check off and add to their lists. That way, we don’t have to print them out unless we want to.

    I want to thank y’all so much. Emeals is has been one of the biggest blessings imaginable.


    1. Heather Brown

      Thanks so much for your comments & suggestions, everyone! Emma, we are working hard to make a lot of this come to fruition soon. Stay tuned!

  2. Valerie Smith

    A lot of the crock pot meals can be assembled into a gallon sized zip bag and put into the freezer for even quicker meals. I have frozen them, set them out the night before, and then poured ingredients into the crock pot that morning and set on low, and off I go!

  3. Robin

    Thanks for the crockpot list. I use my crockpot at least once a week and many times twice. It is so nice with busy schedule with kids to know fast food doesn’t have to happen. I don’t know what I would do without mine.

    1. Jenny Cochran

      I’d love to know if you have an oval or a round one. I’ve found that the round works better..just curious!
      Thanks for your comments:)

  4. Christopher Everett

    So glad this is coming. I actually sent my wife a link to this post to let her know. The crock-pot is a great thing. We have a belief that the only thing at emeals more constantly good than the crock-pot meals are the soups…really the soups are good. We usually substitute a roast my wife is good at in the crock-pot when we need a good winter-time meal and no time for the others. Crock-pots are also a must-have for those of us in emergency response…never know exactly when your going to eat and can’t leave an oven/stove on when you’re gone.

    When I find people who don’t like their crock-pot I find it is usually because they bought one waaay too large for their needs and end up over cooking small amounts of food in a large party-size pot. So, other than that tip for people, round or oval, I prefer one where the pot comes out for serving/cleaning.

  5. Roger

    I have a Crock Pot arsenal – a small round one, a mid-size oval and a large oval. The larger one (the most recent addition) was a Christmas present last year. I like it because it has a timer that automatically switches to ‘warm’ when the cooking time is up, since sometimes my wife and I both get delayed in the evenings at work.

    @Valerie Smith – GREAT tip! I’d never thought of that, but I’m definitely going to try it!

  6. Lorri

    I love this, I subscribed in January and I love the meals but I do with there were more crock pot meals. It would be awesome if there was a monthly crock pot menu option, I would even pay a little more to get 5-10 new recipes a month with make ahead instructions.

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