Cyber Monday! The Gift of a Calm Kitchen…

During this time of year, life can get chaotic! Money stress kicks into high gear, and meaningful gift-giving on a budget can be a huge challenge. But you can give yourself, or someone you care about, the gift of meal-planning and grocery-budgeting freedom. Peace of mind and a calm kitchen!

When you give E-Mealz as a Christmas gift, you enrich someones’ life in a unique way by removing a huge stress point and adding more quality family time around delicious home cooked dinners. Give E-Mealz to yourself to take charge of your kitchen chaos, and shower love your own family!

E-Mealz is here to help maximize your money and your time so that you can focus your attention on the ones you love. Since we are “virtually” your “Mental Maid” it seems appropriate to join in the Cyber Monday shopping mayhem, and offer a one time deep discount for our gift purchases.

For today only, you can receive a 25% off a six-month or twelve month gift subscription, or any new subscription for yourself. Go to for more details. Make it easy on yourself and delicious for everyone else!

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