Daily Housekeeping Schedule

There is nothing like a clean kitchen and stocked pantry! Can I get an amen? However, both can be overwhelming at times. Thank goodness for eMeals and a daily housekeeping schedule. I recently discovered the genius behind doing a little bit of cleaning everyday to spare myself from doing it all at once.

Now, you too, can have a nice daily schedule for cleaning. It’s super simple- 15-30 minute chores each day followed with easy check off boxes to mark as you go. The schedule can be printed each week or laminated. Simply click the image above or here to print out your own cleaning schedule. Hang it on the fridge or in your family headquarters. I hope you enjoy this as much as my family and I do!

Meaghan is our Publix for 2 meal plan writer. She and her husband, Ross, have one fur baby Sadie.  Meaghan has been working at eMeals since April 2011. (Thanks to Time Warp Wife for the idea of a cleaning calendar.)

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6 thoughts on “Daily Housekeeping Schedule

  1. Diane@Marriage on a

    Love this! I currently work a job with a very variable schedule, so some weeks I even forget to clean since I don’t have the same days off every week! I’m going to try to laminate this and see if I can sneak in 15-30 minutes of cleaning a day. I know my house (and my hubby) would thank me!
    Thanks for sharing!!

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