Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze – A Rich Read

As you probably know, we have been a part of the Dave Ramsey wheelhouse since 2007, so we have been excited to see how Dave would interact with his daughter in published form with this new book. More recently, Rachel has become a huge eMeals fan (and user) as her life gets increasingly busier, so we know she has a unique viewpoint and could possibly pull back the “Ramsey curtain” in her own way.

As it turns out, Rachel is the primary ‘voice’ of this book, with Dave inserting comments and anecdotes to her rich content and often humorous version of life growing up as a Ramsey. You will appreciate how she tells on herself and walks you through her comical process of becoming a “wise” spender and saver. Smart Money, Smart Kids is a fast, entertaining and engaging read, even though you are actually being instructed (and even admonished) in every chapter.

No doubt, Rachel Cruze will be on everyone’s lips as a serious author, speaker and personality. Suffice it to say… we just learned that Smart Money, Smart Kids is already on the NYT Best Seller List in its first week on the shelf! Can we just say, congratulations… and we are not surprised.

Rachel has taken a bold position, and can clearly hold her own next to her indomitable father. She says, “You have the power today to set your child up to a millionaire by giving him this knowledge.” This jolt of motivation is couched in a plethora of Rachel’s practical ways to impart this knowledge to your kids.

This book is a must-read-must-own handbook for everyone, whether you have young children or not. It speaks directly to growing each generation into responsible adulthood, which is a universal theme we all seek to understand.

In celebration of Dave and Rachel’s huge success, and to join in the launch party, we are giving away a copy of the book, along with a one-year subscription to eMeals to 2 people on our Instagram page! TO ENTER TO WIN:

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  1. Michelle

    How about for us that don’t use Instagram? Maybe Facebook? I actually found eMeals through Dave’s website and have been a HUGE fan of eMeals for over a year now.

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