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DIY Recipe Box

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Are you looking for a way to organize your recipes? Take this adorable recipe box DIY project and make a pretty box to house all your recipes in your kitchen in a simple and fun way. We’ve provided the free printables to get you on the right track. This is a great tool for newlyweds who need a way to get their recipes gathered together and haven’t found a good system yet. This could also make a delightful gift for a new bride at a shower. Let your creative juices flow and enjoy making this beautiful and functional piece!


• Box of your choosing (mine was on old cigar box)
• Spray paint
• Scrapbook paper for tabs or card stock for free printable tabs and cards (see below)
• Modge Podge or glue
• Index cards (mine were 4×6)


• Spray paint the cigar box and let it dry while making the other parts
• Cut out circles from scrapbook paper to make the recipe card tabs.
(Mine were circles (size 1.5′) but they can be any shape…or use the free printable tabs (see below).
• Glue tabs on the back of recipe cards with only the top half showing to create tab
• Put the tabbed cards and the remainder of index cards in the recipe box.
• Print the “Recipe” and “What’s for Dinner?” cards (see below) and glue them on the (now dry) painted cigar box.
• For best results print the free printable tabs and cards on card stock.


3 thoughts on “DIY Recipe Box

  1. Ashley

    i LOVE this! So cute! I have always wanted to get all of my recipes off of the computer and off of the hundreds of printed pages i have just messily gathered in a folder! This seems like a project I could actually do (not too hard) and that I might ACTUALLY be inclined to finish :P

  2. Tiffany

    I love this!! How did you get the print out (recipes) to only show the words and not the white?? Silly question probably but I’m curious.

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