Don’t Forget the Chocolate Bunny

I am determined to not let this Sunday get by me. It would be so easy to do. The tyranny of all that is urgent can be a powerful distraction. I don’t want to miss the moments that build the consistent memories that we as a family will cherish through the years. My girls are too big now for Easter Egg hunts, but I still hide Easter baskets on Sunday morning. Instead of beanie babies, they get jewelry or makeup amidst the candy.

I can remember coming home one Easter weekend when I was 21 and my dad had set out several decorated brown bags for a house full of teenagers and college students who had crashed at our house for the weekend. Those moments are priceless. I have to remember that none of us really ever grow up.

I’m traveling this week, two different times, to be with my bride-to-be-daughter and squeezing in worship rehearsal for our Easter music this weekend. All of this laced among the usual busy-ness of my work-week. Then to start the week off right, my two daughters stayed home today because they weren’t feeling completely 100%. Crazy!

All of this to say… I’m determined to not let my crazy schedule take over and miss this Easter weekend. I want to come together as a family… mark the day with high praise for our Savior who became one of us, to suffer and die in our place… to gather with the ones I love and feast at a table that symbolizes the ‘feast of love and grace’ that He offers all of us.

I was feeling a tad stressed about pulling it all off and then remembered that there’s a really cool thing out there called E-Mealz! I’m going to use the Easter Feast Plan to make it all happen. It’s such a GREAT thing to have. Otherwise, my intentions to provide a home-cooked meal around our table would’ve been much more stressful.

See more about the Easter Feast menu for yourself… I intend to do it ALL! It’s delicious and a sure bet.

I hope your weekend is meaningful in the sweetest way. Gather with your people and feast away!

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