E. Coli Contamination in Publix, Kroger and Other Stores’ Beef

Recently it has been discovered that some of the stores that we cover may have had bad beef supplied to them.  The beef from Kroger and Publix may be contaminated with E. Coli. At Publix, products include meatballs, ground chuck patties and stuffed peppers with sell by dates of July 25 to Aug. 12, while at Krogers, the recalled products include ground chuck, ground beef patties, meatballs and store-made meat loaf with sell by dates of July to 29 to Aug. 12.

The stores have stated that if you return the products they will issue a refund to customers. For more information, you can click here.

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One thought on “E. Coli Contamination in Publix, Kroger and Other Stores’ Beef

  1. Sharon O

    We had e coli in our strawberries that we purchased for freezer jam. ALL of them have to be thrown out. At least 16 people were sick and one death happened. I am not taking any chance. I don’t know if I should throw containers out or just the freezer jam.
    Frustrated I paid money to just throw away but the farmer can’t always protect every item in their field this was from a deer who contaminated the berries. (better than a human)

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