E-Mealz Interviews Dave Ramsey

This past Friday I had a chance to sit down with Dave Ramsey for about 30 minutes to interview him and converse about the universal reality of the financial burden of food, the cost of food, groceries, and how to manage it. He gave awesome insight that we will soon stream through video on our web site.

E-Mealz, Jane DeLaney
During this interview, if you are an E-mealz subscriber, yes, Dave called you weird!! In “Dave” world this is the ultimate compliment! You are “weird” if you go against the grain as a weird minority and you actually EAT AT HOME!

Studies show that only 1 out of 5 families eat dinner at home together. In addition, Americans eat out, on average, five times a week! Eating at home to save money and to be disciplined about your food budget takes commitment and effort, so take a bow E-Mealz subscribers!!!!

As I interviewed Dave, he reiterated that predictable, planned spending is KEY and E-Mealz gives you predictable spending in what can be a very UN-predictable spending area.  I asked him to respond to the common mentality that “food just costs what it costs, that you have to eat, so whatever you spend is whatever you have to spend.” In no uncertain terms, as only Dave will often say, “That is just plain STUPID, there is no excuse for that!”


Thank you Dave for all your encouragement to me and our E-mealz team!

Financial poverty is what Dave Ramsey is all about overcoming. But as we discussed, “time poverty” comes against that goal and has become the very reason that families spiral into poor planning, or not planning at all, thus spiraling into debt. The overload of decisions, when it comes to food, clashes with “time poverty” and it is debt waiting to happen.

Thank you Dave for all your encouragement and for shouting out E-Mealz as one of the best, easiest, practical money-management tools for paving the way to becoming debt free. Our goal at E-Mealz is to save money, save time, and of course at the top of the list, to help you eat like a king on a “rice and beans” budget!

Stay tuned for more good stuff from this Dave Ramsey interview!


Thank you Dave Ramsey’s tech crew.


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