E-Mealz Members: Losing Weight & Eating Healthy

Some of you may remember that we held an open casting call for our members to email us with their E-Mealz testimonials a couple of weeks ago. I was thrilled to already get a few responses and I hope more of you will send in your stories to HeatherBrown@E-Mealz.com to be considered for our blog.  Below is our first reader testimonial from the Meissner family. We’re so thankful to them for sharing with us!

It wasn’t the budgeting… we’ve always budgeted. It wasn’t making dinnertime a priority… we habitually sit down together for dinner every night. It wasn’t making a list and grocery shopping once a week. It wasn’t even a lack of ideas… I had cookbooks. It was being healthy.

Since having my second child and moving from Mexico back to the states my body was hanging onto the weight. Okay, maybe I was helping a bit.  I didn’t know how to cook healthy for a family. I could do small meals for myself, but I wasn’t about to cook two meals for dinner.

A friend of mine was journaling her way through E-Mealz on Facebook. She would take a picture and tell us how she liked it, and more importantly, how her two year old liked it. That was all I needed. When I discovered the Portion Control menu, the deal was sealed.

Now I attribute the last ten pounds of weight loss to E-Mealz. I’m still going, but the best part is that my family is eating healthy food and enjoying it. My life is less stressful. I’ve never had the thought of, “I’ve cooked everything!” I could go on.

Thank you for this opportunity to thank you,

Narah Meissner

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