E-Mealz Test Kitchen Expert – Elise

E-Mealz test kitchen - Elise

Here’s a peak into one of our E-Mealz “test kitchens.”  This is Elise, eight year old daughter of Beth Stockli, E-Mealz Director of Operations. Beth is also “baby” sister to Jane, Jenny and myself. Elise is the youngest of fourteen grandchildren, and proudly bears that honor.

Elise is also one of our test kitchen experts. She is as picky as the next kid, but a good sport about trying out new foods and testing new recipes. She is always ready to help her Mom whip up a delicious dinner from the E-Mealz menu hanging on the refrigerator.

Everyone on the E-Mealz Team survives very busy lives with our E-Mealz plans, week after week. And we also pitch in to test recipes and run them past our “resident-yummy-factor-experts.” Elise is one of our many gate-keepers for what we mean when we say “kid-friendly”!

Between all the members of our staff, we have over 40 “test kitchen experts”… all kids! We will be introducing more of the members of our “test kitchen team” to you in the future. We think Elise is an excellent helper… and so does her Mommy!

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