Eat at Home with Your Family Day Activities

Family Fun IdeasThis Saturday, September 27, is Eat at Home with Your Family Day! Obviously, this is a mission that is close to our heart and why we started eMeals. Here’s a little bit of our story of bringing home cooked meals into your family’s home.

Both Jane and Jenny (the founder & VP of eMeals) are active moms, devoted wives, and very, very busy. Jane was frazzled over trying to pull off dinner for the family week after week. Her meal plans were scribbled on napkins and lost in her purse. So she went to work creating a better way to make meals happen. Along the way, Jane recruited Jenny, who is not only a fabulous cook, but also happens to be her sister.

Working with a talented team of professional meal planners, experienced home cooks and technical gurus, they developed eMeals to feed their families and preserve their sanity. Hundreds of thousands of relationships later, Jane and Jenny built a way to make moms’ lives easier — and to bring families together at mealtime.

To help you facilitate a fabulous family day this weekend, here’s a few ideas to help spark the fun with your family!

Popcorn and snacks: Create a lunch or dinner full of appetizers and snacks with your family. This is a fun way to get your kids in the kitchen to help you prepare easily for a fun meal!

Rent a movie: Find an old-school family favorite movie like Lion King, Beauty & The Beast or Toy Story to share a magical night with your kids. Make it a picnic with a blanket and comfy fort fixings on the floor.

Bake: Create some delicious cookies and take them to a neighbor or nursing home to bring others into your night of family fun!

Pumpkin Time: Go pick out some pumpkins together as a family to decorate your home with or to practice your carving skills before Halloween.

Rake it UP! There is always something fun and magical about raking up a huge pile of leaves and diving in them. Leaf wars are the best, especially when you get the family pet involved!

Bike Riding:  It’s way too nice outside this time of year to not be out in the cooler temperatures. Grab your family, your bikes, and your helmets and take the party to a local trail.

Here’s a few of our family favorite recipes for you to try this weekend as well:

Crazy-Good Cookie Dough Dip

Kid-Friendly Waffle Sandwich

White-Bacon Pizza

Kid-Friendly Easy Biscuit-Topped Chicken Pot Pie

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