eMeals Ambassador: Q&A with Busy Executive and Low Calorie Subscriber Brittany Farnham

Q & A with eMeals Low Calorie Subscriber Brittany Farnham #eMeals

We love highlighting our eMeals friends, especially when they have exciting news to share! Today we want to introduce you to native Floridian Brittany Farnham. We recently met her on Instagram when she posted a before/after photo telling us how she lost 45 pounds with hard work, determination and the help of our Low Calorie Meal Plan. When asked about her weight-loss journey, Brittany says, “I hope I can inspire others to do the same. I always tell people, ‘You are capable of amazing things! Believe in yourself!’ ”

Q & A with eMeals Low Calorie Subscriber Brittany Farnham #eMeals

How long have you used eMeals?

My husband and I have subscribed since 2013, and we currently use the Low Calorie For 2 Dinner Plan. Prior to Low Calorie, we used the Classic and Low-Fat plans.

How did you plan meals before trying eMeals?

It was so frustrating to plan meals before we started eMeals. It would take hours to make a meal plan and shopping list for the week. Plus, I always felt like I was making the same meals week after week. I wanted to try new recipes, but hated the idea of researching to find recipes that sounded appealing and weaving them into my shopping list.

With the eMeals shopping list, visiting the grocery store is a breeze. Better still, the shopping list makes it easy to take inventory at home to see what I might already have in the refrigerator or pantry. I love the fact that the list is categorized by grocery store section (refrigerated, meats, canned/packaged, produce, etc.).

Q & A with eMeals Low Calorie Subscriber Brittany Farnham #eMeals

What encouraged you to try eMeals for the first time?

I was frustrated with the whole meal planning thing, so the idea of having weekly meal plans emailed to us was so refreshing and one less thing for us to stress over.

When we switched to the Low Calorie Meal Plan, it was definitely for the weight loss. The plan just made it super-easy to track calories, which is one of the things that makes the plan so appealing and easy to follow.

Do you use the eMeals mobile app? If so, what are your favorite features?

While I’m old-fashioned and still like to print out my grocery list to check things off, I find the free eMeals mobile app extremely helpful, especially if I need to stop by the grocery on the way home from work to pick up a few things for meals but don’t have the physical grocery list with me. My favorite app feature, however, is the Recipe Box option—such a simple way to save our favorite recipes so we can easily access them next time.

How has eMeals influenced your meal planning from a health standpoint?

It has been absolutely wonderful! I look at my grocery cart now and, for the most part, everything is healthy and fresh—very different from the junk food I would randomly pick up before eMeals. I’m much more aware of what I buy now.

I’m amazed at the difference even small changes can make, whether it’s switching to reduced fat or low sodium. For me, it’s all about making smart choices (especially when meals taste just as good!). Using the Low Calorie plan for the past year has truly been a lifesaver and a huge part of my weight-loss journey.

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4 thoughts on “eMeals Ambassador: Q&A with Busy Executive and Low Calorie Subscriber Brittany Farnham

  1. Elizabeth Cave

    My husband and I have lost a combined 53 pounds. About 2 months into our diet, I was getting really discouraged with meal planning. Emeals low calorie plan saved the day! We’ve been using it for about 6 weeks. The recipes are so tasty and filling. I’m beyond thankful for the good work of emeals!

  2. Sam

    This could just as easy have been my story.. I’m down a total of 80 pounds and my wife is down 50 following the paleo plan since September of 2013. Couldn’t be happier with emeals and the ease of which the grocery list and recipes help us maintain a healthy lifestyle that seemed to get lost with the hustle of the work week. Kudos to you!

    1. Ashley Leath - Menu Editor

      Thanks so much for your comment, Sam! We’re thrilled to hear about you and your wife’s success with our Paleo plan. How long have you been an eMeals member? Have you used other plans too? In which state/city do you live? Thanks so much!

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