eMeals Ambassador: Q&A with New Mom and Mediterranean Subscriber Kristine Ruzylo

Q&A with eMeals Mediterranean Subscriber Kristine Ruzylo

We love highlighting our eMeals friends. Today we want to introduce you to Kristine Ruzylo, who, when not loving on her adorable three-month-old daughter, is the finance director for a large catering company in Phoenix, Arizona. We recently met Kristine when she told us how much she and her husband, Todd, enjoyed our Mediterranean Meal Plan For 2. The Ruzylo’s are pescatarians (they eat fish but no other meat), and find the Mediterranean Meal Plan recipes to be just the thing for their eating style and busy schedule.

Q&A with eMeals Mediterranean Subscriber Kristine Ruzylo

How did you hear about eMeals?

I read a blog post from another mom who mentioned how she had been using eMeals and loved it. I went right to the website and signed up for the 14-day free trial. I’ve been using eMeals ever since.

How did you plan meals before eMeals?

I would go to the store with a list items that we used frequently and that I knew I could use to prepare a few meals. Sometimes I would actually make dinner, sometimes not. We had gotten into the habit of not planning dinner until I got home from work, so sometimes we’d just have frozen pizza or some other ready-to-eat meal.

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What encouraged you to try eMeals for the first time?

I was sick of eating frozen food! The majority of our meals were made up of frozen components like pizza, skillet meals, ravioli, and vegetables. We missed having fresh, healthy, flavorful meals. I knew there had to be a better way.

I spent two weeks pulling recipes from the Internet, creating my own meal plan, and then shopping. The recipes were great and the food was delicious, but it took hours to put everything together and the recipes often made more food than we needed. eMeals was exactly what I was looking for.

Q&A with eMeals Mediterranean Subscriber Kristine Ruzylo

Did you grow up in a home where cooking and nightly suppers with the family was important?

Growing up, my parents never said having dinner together was important, they just showed me by doing it every night.

How has eMeals influenced your meal planning from a health standpoint?

eMeals has made eating healthy so much easier. I know that anything on my meal plan is going to be fresh, healthy and easy to prepare. I love the way I feel after eating one of the eMeals dinners—satisfied and nourished in the best sense of the words. I don’t mean to wax poetic over our meal plan, but I sincerely believe that REAL food improves not just your body, but your soul too.

How beneficial is to have the recipes planned and grocery list ready?

The grocery list is indispensable. Before heading to the store, I check off the items I already have at home so I’m just buying what I need for that week. I usually add a few of the staples, some lunch items, and I’m done. It’s so easy.

I’m saving so much time using eMeals, which is just as important to me as money. I’m not wasting time at the grocery store or looking for recipes. I go to the store once a week and get everything I need. No more trips to pick up one or two things that I forgot! Food takes less time to put away. Meals are prepped and cooked in less than an hour, sometimes less than 30 minutes. It’s great!

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In addition to saving time, do you feel like you actually save money?

YES! It’s one of my favorite things about eMeals. I use what I buy. I don’t make impulse buys. I don’t throw away food because I thought I would make something out of it and don’t. I don’t have leftovers that get lost in the fridge and trashed. My weekly grocery bill has gone down by 15% since starting eMeals. My dinner satisfaction is way, way up!

Thanks, Kristine! Anyone else love the Mediterranean plan?

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